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Who We Are

Your Trusted Partners in Safety, Leadership, and Innovation to inspire leaders with Wellness and Mindfulness.

What We Do

Recognizing that an organization’s strongest asset is their people, our solutions not only streamline and improve efficiency but also concentrate on wellness, mindfulness, motivating and supporting every individual – the true heroes of your organization.



Our accredited and tested consulting strategy provides companies with insights and tools that allow transparent and authentic growth, challenging traditional thought by eliminating barriers, and ensuring that every individual is provided the support necessary to achieving fulfillment at work and at home.



We believe that the foundation of every organization should be Safety.  We strive to inspire Safety professionals to become leaders, and other leaders to become more engaged in Safety within their organization. Our team has the expertise and experience to provide the support necessary to achieve goals and realize the vision and strategy of any project.  By providing a methodology that allows the flexibility to ensure compliance, while also maintaining standards of excellence and care, SLI partners with you throughout this journey.



We are proud to offer training programs that are not only accredited but are proven to be effective.  Training individuals, teams, and organizations can be overwhelming, which is why we created systems that work to evolve existing programs and strategies.  Our training curriculum is designed to encompass the individual, the team, and the organization.



We specialize in integrative mindfulness and wellness. Our impactful coaching starts with transparent, actionable, and achievable support that is centered around authenticity.  Our coaching techniques are integrated into all our services.  Our team of certified and credentialed professionals are ready to provide expert guidance to deliver transparent coaching models that can elevate performance at work and at home.

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Why we are different

At SLI, our team strives to deliver a personal approach to every client.  By making personal connections, our team instills the confidence to achieve balance in all walks of life.  The SLI team promotes organic communication where transparency becomes natural, and authenticity becomes a way of life.  

We are different because we believe that success starts with each employee, and each employee has the ability to make positive impacts in their lives.  Concentrating on individual wellness spreads positivity and creates an environment where anything is possible. 


From Our Clients

“I’ve been working with Josh and SLI for the past 18-months on the reinvention of the company I work for. What started out as consultation work, has turned into a strong relationship as his vast knowledge and, even more important, his passion for doing things right, have become a priceless asset to our company. He is our confidant, our mentor and a teammate who has helped us through some very rough waters. As I stated earlier, his passion for doing things right combined with his honesty, has helped us all become better at our jobs. And as for me personally; someone who had no experience in this business, his support has kept me going even when I had my doubts that I should or could continue. Recently, like a great parent, he has backed away a bit as he can see we’re getting stronger and more confident in what we’re doing, but I know that he’ll be there to support us anytime we need him. We as a company are proud to have Josh, Kayla, and everyone else at SLI as our partners; as our friends.”

Gregory Pegg

Organizational Co-ordinator, Mowbrays Tire Service

“RANDALL enjoys working with SLI, we appreciate the expertise and experience but most of all we appreciate the passion, the company culture of SLI to get into the details and solve problems and find ways to prevent future problems. SLI leadership training has proven to be invaluable in positively impacting our people. SLI provides the path for our people to look at situations differently and be more effective problem solvers.”

Jeff Condello

President | CEO, RANDALL Construction

“Josh Caudill puts other people first and this is reflected in the ethos of his business SLI. I’ve seen this at charity events they support, in Josh’s service to the Alliance for Central Florida Safety as the Chairperson and Vice chair before, and with our business, SG World USA, in their mentorship and guidance of our journey too. Couple this with experience, expertise and a leadership style that doesn’t create followers, but instead leaves a wake of outstanding leaders ready to shape an exciting future for their own businesses, are just a few of the reasons I recommend Josh and SLI.”

Richard Nichols MBA

Global Sales & Marketing Director, SG World USA

“Kayla and Josh are an absolute dream to work with. Their industry knowledge, constant guidance, passion for safety and leadership and their amazing personalities make their company an easy choice to do business with.”

Stefanie Robinson

Florida Film Academy

As our brand promises:

Let us help you ignite your journey!