Meet the Team

Josh and Kayla founded SLI in July of 2018.

They continue to empower organizations through solutions that are backed by experience and creative thinking while building individual employee confidence through emotional empowerment.



Josh Caudill

Josh Caudill is a recognized leader in assisting organizations with internal processes and procedures. Experienced in programmatic safety work coupled with a diverse working environment such as logistics, manufacturing, construction, and environmental protection, Josh built the reputation as a credentialed safety professional, cultural advocate, and organizational leader. 

In 2012, Josh left his corporate career to be able to serve the ever-increasing demand for new thinking in innovation solutions and leadership.


Kayla Caudill

Kayla Caudill began her career with Walt Disney World through the College Program. Realizing a life-long dream, Kayla became a flight attendant, eventually achieving a management position with the airlines. Still on a quest for a true purpose, she became a sales representative and trainer for a medical skin care company, but gave up her career after getting married and having a miracle baby.

Kayla’s own life journey of struggling with medical issues, stress and anxiety inspired her decision to become a health coach. After starting a journey for their own family, they decided to incorporate these methods into every aspect of the business as well. Together, Josh and Kayla have designed a program to inspire and motivate each individual to take a journey that will help create high-performance teams and organizations.


Chris Crowe

Chris Crowe is an engaging mentor and advocate of cultural initiatives. As a CHST, credentialed through the BSCP, Chris has the knowledge and capabilities to help shape and develop excellence in people and organizations. Trust is an important component to his approach. His early career started with field activities enhanced his skill sets that allowed him to connect using his simple elegance approach with personnel in the field, and with management teams. Because of his diverse background and specialties, Chris has been able to transform individuals and regional teams.

But the reasons behind his amazing approach and demeanor are his family foundation. Chris is supported by his wife Lindsay, and children; Tiana, Landen, Jaelyn, and Kaysen. We are so proud to have Chris and his family on the SLI team!


Cody Ramsey

After completing an internship in commercial construction and an internship in manufacturing, Cody had found his passion for safety in the construction field. He followed this passion from rural Oklahoma to Texas where he began his career with some of the top-ranking construction groups. Cody has been able to achieve a GSP and a CHST through the BCSP while continuing to build his leadership skills. 

Cody utilizes his knowledge to help bridge the gap between field and office staff through creative and personalized trainings.  Cody finds a lot of is inspiration to help others stems from spending time with wife Vanessa and daughter Hayden during their adventures around Dallas. Cody and his family will continue creating new adventures as they will be welcoming a new daughter in December of 2022.


Xavier Caudill

Xavier inspires us with authenticity, focus, mindfulness, empathy and kindness. At 15 years old, he studies through an online academy, while also being part of a pre-college film program. He oversees all aspects of media and communication, as well as keeping the office lively with ukulele entertainment.



Lolly came to us from a shelter in Fresno California.  She was malnourished, but was rescued and treated like a rock star by her foster mommy.  Prior to finding her forever family (The Caudill’s), Lolly established herself as a quirky and highly spoiled pup! With a Boxer mom, and a Boston Terrier dad, her looks can be deceiving. She has proven to act fierce when needed, or not… which quickly moved her up the SLI ranks, and into the position of interviewer of all visitors.  Quite the picky interviewer, the SLI team interview process only lets the best candidates through, so that she can sleep all day and pretend to watch over everything.



IT Manager and Character Coach (Less than part-time)

Duncan joined our team in 2017, and has become a fixture in our lives.  Duncan earned the title of IT Manager by navigating keyboards and computer screens during SLI strategy sessions.  As a character coach, he reminds us to never judge a book by its cover.  Sometimes relationships are formed where you least expect it.  Never did we think that we could love and cherish something so creepy, scaly, and spikey! 



Miso – Primary Food Advocate (Full-time)

Miso joined our team in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, and was immediately embraced by our family and team after his adoption.  Miso has but one speed, and only wishes to be involved in every decision and every conversation.  His personality reminds us daily to embrace the primary food of Joy.  His crazy personality and mannerisms provide continuous laughter in our lives, which we then share with our valued clients.  Everyone needs a class clown, and we have Miso!

Let us help you ignite your journey!